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The only place worth going for a beer in Lijiang. Small place with a super friendly vibe. Great relaxed hangout for locals and travellers alike.
Expect to meet the locals and the expats. The most diverse clientele in Lijiang. Just reach out and you'll know Lijiang directly form the people who live and love the place.
I have been studying at the Huayang in Lijiang for the past 6 months so far and absolutely love it! The atmosphere of the school is so much fun to learn in! I am in a class with 6 other people and sometimes we have a lot of questions about either the language or culture, but even still, my teachers are always there to answer the questions we have. One of my favorite things is the fun community they have. We do activities to help us remember the vocabulary we learned and that gets us speaking more too. I also really like the scenery in Lijiang. It is so stunning all year round! The people are all always so friendly too. It has been a great place to study and learn the language and culture.
Nice cozy environment, The menu has a good range of Tibetan and western food.
Very nice hotel with helpful and friendly staff. It's suitable for people who wants to stay away from the crowds. It's at the foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Although it's far from Lijiang old town area, the mountain view more than made for it.